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Fly Patterns:

The Tuna Kahuna

Tying Instructions

Step Instructions (click on photos to see a larger image)
1 TunaKahuna fly Mount the hook securely in the vise, and start the clear mono thread.
2 TunaKahuna fly A small bundle of Superhair (about 12 hairs) is cut to length, and the ends staggered by pulling on the ends.
3 TunaKahuna fly The hair will be tied in assymetrically, to help build a tapered body without having to trim the hair with scissors.
4 TunaKahuna fly Tie in, fold, then bind down.
5 TunaKahuna fly Wrap securely to lock the hair in place.
6 TunaKahuna fly Cut off a small amount of Fluoro Fiber or Comes Alive flash. Stagger the ends like you did with the Superhair, then tie in, fold and bind down, like you did with the Superhair.
7 TunaKahuna fly We've begun using brush-on SuperGlue from LocTite instead of regular head cement. Just be careful!
8 TunaKahuna fly Tie in small bundles of hair on the sides of the fly.
9 TunaKahuna fly Do the same on the bottom of the fly.
10 TunaKahuna fly Continue to work forward. Stop well short of the eye.
11 TunaKahuna fly Cut off a length of EZ-Body braid. Note that you should pick a diameter that is fairly small.
12 TunaKahuna fly Slip the tubing over the eye of the hook. Tie in with the tubing facing forward over the eye, and coat well with glue.
13 TunaKahuna fly Secure the thread with a whip finish or a series of half-hitches, and clip the thread.
14 TunaKahuna fly Push the braid back over the head.
15 TunaKahuna fly After getting the head the right size and shape, tie off behind the eye (you left yourself enough room, right?).
16 TunaKahuna fly Use a permanent marker to color the braid.
17 TunaKahuna fly Select a pair of 3D eyes. Floyd prefers a chartreuse or red background.
18 TunaKahuna fly Use a drop of Goop to fasten the eyes to the braid.
19 TunaKahuna fly Here's the almost-completed fly.
20 TunaKahuna fly Add a light coating of 5-minute epoxy over the head.
21 TunaKahuna fly The completed Tuna Kahuna!

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