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450 Bank Yelowfin

Oct. 19, 2009 - Floyd Sparks, AKA "Tuna Kahuna" with a nice yellowfin tuna. The fish hit a green/white streamer fished with small twitches in a chunk stream. The fish came up from 70' following the chunks.


Industry News:

TFO Announces Custom Rod Shop

TFO fly rods
Temple Fork Outfitters announce the opening of its custom rod shop, which features custom cosmetics, as well as blueprinted rod blanks for the ultimate in performance. Click HERE to learn more.

February 8, 2013:

SCFFO to Host San Diego F3T 2013

SoCal Fly Fishing Outfitters will be hosting the San Diego showing of F3T 2013. Click HERE to learn more.

Industry News:

Abel Unveils New Super 9/10N

Abel 9/10N reel

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Abel reel announces their new Super 9/10N (for narrow) reel. It's a lightweight, large arbor reel that designed to handle blistering runs and retrieve line quickly. Click HERE

New Product Announcement:

TFO Launches 12wt BVK

TFO BVK reel seat

Temple Fork Outfitters announces the release of a 12wt version of their popular new BVK fly rods. This could be a winner for BTB fly-fishermen looking for an easier-casting alternative in a heavy rod.

Click HERE to

Fishing News:

Pending WR White Seabass Caught at Channel Islands

Michael Schweit with pending 8lb tippet record White Seabass

August 1, 2011: Michael Schweit, president of the Southwest Council of the Federation of Fly Fishermen, caught a pending white seabass world record at Santa Cruz Island in mid-July. Click HERE to find out more…

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The Second Beyond The Breakwater History Quiz...

Class is in session! Click HERE to take our second history quiz. Grand prize is a SPOT Satellite Messenger...

February 2009, Fishing La Jolla

Squid Float!

La Jolla Squid Float
February, 2009 - A brief video of a full-on squid float in the La Jolla Canyon. Video provided by Floyd Sparks, courtesy Dan Hume. Click HERE to see the video.

Results & Analysis:

2010 3Bs Tournament

Team Zugbug41 off Point Loma

The 2010 3Bs Tournament is over... Wind and water conditions made fishing tough, but in the end, it turned out to be a lot of fun. Click HERE to read the full story.

Results & Analysis

BTB 3Bs Trial Tournament

We now have the results and analysis from our 3Bs Trial Tournament, held Sept. 27, 2008.

Click HERE to see the whole story...

Results and Analysis:

2010 TYD Tournament

James Dwyer with the winning fish

The 2010 TYD Tournament is history... Ten contestants and four teams endured large crowds and sketchy fishing to take a shot at bringing home the bacon. Click HERE to read the full story.

BTBFF Momentum:

Balboa Angling Club Adds Salt Water Fly Fishing Divisions

SoCal's oldest fishing club has added fly fishing divisions to their club record books. Click HERE to read the full article.


Getting Started in BTB Fly Fishing - Part II: Getting Connected

You've bought the gear. Now it's time to get everything connected. Here are how some of our guides do it, along with some observations and tips. Click HERE to read the full article.

Fishing Techniques:

A Trolling Primer - Part II

Part II of what every fly-fisherman needs to know about offshore trolling.

In Part II, we cover how to use all the stuff you got after reading Part I.

Pursuing an Inshore Favorite:

A Calico Primer

by Craig Smith

Calico bass strike like a ton of bricks, fight hard, and are readily available. What's not to love? Click HERE to read a primer about catching them on fly...


Getting Started in BTBFF - Part V: Essential Extras

Boga Grip
Part V of our no-nonsense series on getting started in BTBFF reviews some fly-fishing accessories or tools you should have with you when fishing BTB. If you haven't fished our coastal waters much, or are new to fly-fishing, you need to check this out. Click HERE to read the full story.

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Pimp My (Boat) Ride

Got some spare time and money? How about fixing up your boat to be more "fly-friendly"? Click HERE to read more...

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